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Welcome To Verity Claims

Here at Verity Claims we help consumers with mis-selling claims and reclaim what is rightfully theirs!

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Mis-Sold Goods or Services

Have you bought goods or services in the last 6 years that were not as described?

We may be able to reclaim the cost of the goods or services for you, in full!

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Mis-Sold Timeshares & Holiday Clubs

Do you feel misled about the benefits of a timeshare or holiday club membership?

You may have been mis-sold. We may be able to help reclaim your money!

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Mis-Sold Solar Energy Panels

Have you been mis-sold solar panels? Were you misled about the benefits of solar panels?

We may be able to reclaim the full cost of the mis-sold solar energy panels for you!

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Welcome To Verity Claims

Welcome to Verity Claims. We pride ourselves on making starting a claim, simple, straight forward, and as speedy as possible regardless of your circumstances.  We make it easy enabling clients to seek financial claims against a third party whom they believe they have suffered an injustice resulting in financial loss.

We ensure you will receive financial compensation as soon as possible without unnecessary delay with a range of different claims, working on a no win no fee basis. Knowing that regardless of your personal circumstances you can start your claim today.

Whatever your situation all you need to do is pick up the phone or make a quick enquiry and you will receive honest, straight forward advice on the best way to deal with your claim.

We can help you with your claim in a number of areas with our experienced empathetic staff and specialist professional solicitors.

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Here are just some of the claims that we can help you with:

  • Conservatory Claims

  • Double Glazing Claims

  • Holiday Club Claims

  • Kitchens Claims

  • Timeshare

  • Roof Treatments

  • Solar Panels*

  • Training Programs

* Please note that Solar Panel Section 75 claims will be undertaken on a no win no fee basis. For certain solar panel mis-selling claims a small upfront administration charge will apply.